Our Company

Our professionalism & dedication to our work confirms that our customer have selected us for many positive reasons. It is what enabled us to transport hundreds of tons of their cargo by air and over 3000 tones by sea last year to different destinations round the globe. Our customer’s trust is what believed to be the driving force. The idea of an innovative image is a product of necessity arising from changes in global demands towards the continued systems improvement vis-à-vis modern age technological advancement in all spheres of our business activities. Based on this concept, our company strives to maintain a high standard of image and service through innovative improvement in customer services and other fields.


To deliver high-quality service that is tailored to each customer needs. To expand our knowledge of international trade regulations.To perfect operations.


We have fully comprehended that the future of freight industry neither may not accept cosmetic form of handling strategies and thus the servicing agencies must take an extra step in meeting the upcoming challenge in the country. We have, therefore, invested much time and effort to innovate management and developed new concepts through re-organization of our services in the respective fields.
Fundamentally, our network performs a service job to the customers. It should therefore, begin from the stage, which sets an initial inquiry and concludes after the shipment has been received by the consignee/buyer. SHARP LOGISTIX through working companies and offices in other cities extends innovative ideas in serving.